Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Insights on How to Work Best with Epoxies from EPO-TEK® Quality Control Department

By Dawna Bellerose, Quality Control Supervisor

Upon receipt of your specialty EPO-TEK adhesive, it’s important to perform an incoming inspection of the product.  This ensures your product was received in good condition.  For optimal results, here are some important insights for receiving and using our products:

1.     Make sure the product is being properly stored.  (EPO-TEK product data sheets outline recommended storage conditions).
2.     Check the EPO-TEK product MSDS to be sure all employees coming into contact with the adhesive are aware of proper chemical hygiene, to avoid any potential mishandling. 
3.     Each time you open your product container, be sure to clean the threads and lid with a lint-free wipe (we recommend Kim Wipes) before resealing.  This will allow for a tight seal and avoid any possible contamination.  (ALWAYS store your product in the upright position). 
4.     If using a two component system, avoid cross contamination between parts A and B.  (This can easily happen when mixing each product separately and not wiping the spatula in between). 
5.     Be mindful of pot life.  (Found on the EPO-TEK product data sheet in the upper section under shelf life).  Exposing the adhesive to air can shorten its pot life by thickening viscosity and, although the viscosity can increase, it will not affect the integrity of the product.  (See EPO-TEK Tech Tip 26 for additional information on pot life, working life and gel time).
6.     Clean your substrates!  A common problem with bonding is often a contaminated or dirty substrate.  (See EPO-TEK Tech Tip 13 for recommendations based on your specific substrate).
7.     Provide a proper cure time and temperature.  Each data sheet will also provide cure recommendations.  (See EPO-TEK Tech Tip 6 for additional information on curing).

Following these easy steps will help ensure your product is ready to use, is stored and applied properly and will provide the best possible bond.  This information, and even more details, are available on our website under our Technical Information/Brochures section entitled, How To Work Properly With Epoxies - Step by Step Sheet.